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Mortgage Support Network’s fully integrated front and back office CRM software is the KEY. This market leading end-to-end system supports the complete sales process and integrates with all major mortgage and life sourcing tools across the market.

The KEY software enables user to:

  • Operate on/off-line.
  • Collect data (Fact Find) which can be input at the point of sale or at a later date.
  • Utilise keyed in data to automatically populate the supporting software/systems via MortgageBrain, Trigold and iPipeline (SolutionBuilder).
  • Substantially reduce the time taken for re-keying common data e.g. name, address, DoB, property details, etc. by automatically populating supporting software and documentation.
  • Automatically save back sourcing results, filters and illustrations / KFIs to the KEY's Client's case file.
  • Save back mortgage Reason Why letters and GI Demands & Needs statements to the KEY's Client's case file.
  • Client files can be remotely viewed and accessed/managed at anytime by anybody authorised to do so by the Appointed Representative.

Mortgage Support Network’s core objective of saving intermediary time and effort led to our selection of the KEY. This end-to-end system supports the complete sales process and integrates with all major mortgage, life and GI sourcing tools across the market.

It also provide an archived Client case files which in future months and years can be re-produced and updated for future advice and sales.

In carrying out the above there is no need for any paperwork to be sent to Mortgage Support Network and together we will have achieved the ultimate goal - a fully paperless office.

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