Second Charge Loans

Mortgage Support Network has teamed-up with the specialist whole of market broker Fluent Money Ltd – find out more below.

Second Charge Loans from Fluent Money 

Fluent Money offers 2nd Charge loans from the whole of market and provides a very simple & efficient introducer support service – they only transact business introduced by intermediaries.

In simple terms let Fluent Money find the best 2nd charge loan solution that meet’s your clients’ needs.

They have developed an on-line portal that allows you to submit your client’s enquiry directly and securely to one of their senior underwriters. If it’s not convenient for you to submit your client’s loan enquiry on-line you can just call them with your client’s details and they will do the rest.

Clients and Brokers alike have the tools in place to track their applications online, 24/7, allowing them to interact directly with their Case Manager through our unique case-tracking platform, Fluent View.

You will receive 40% of any fees or commission received by Fluent Money.

All commission payments are made via a BACS every Friday for confirmed completions during the same week - average commissions are around £1,600.

Fluent Money’s Aim
Is to make sure both you and your client receive the standard of service you should expect from the UK’s leading secured loan brokerage, with the results to match.

To find out more and to register Fluent Money

Bridging Loans

Mortgage Support Network has teamed-up with Positive Lending who are experts in bridging finance. Positive Lending can provide a range of Bridging solutions from a wide range of lenders.

Bridging Loans from Positive Lending

With rates starting from 4.5% plus bank base rate. Loans are secured against property for a short term, normally between one day and 12 months.

Bridging loans permit true equity based lending. Positive Lending provide bridging loans from lenders that include banks, finance houses and private individuals.

With lending up to a maximum of 85% open market value with a defined exit strategy. First, second and third legal charges available.

  • Borrowing capital quickly, funds can be arranged within 24 hours
  • 100% purchase price funding for below market value transactions
  • Purchase or refinance property in need of refurbishment/currently not mortgageable via conventional sources
  • Complete property purchase prior to sale of another property
  • Arranging facility using multiple properties as security
  • Complicated legal requirements within property transaction

Bridging loans can offer the following benefits:

  • All forms of property considered
  • Borrow for any legal purpose
  • No income required
  • Any adverse status acceptable
  • Bespoke interest repayment methods available

Contact Positive Lending where there experienced staff can provide you with the right solution for your bridging loan.

PL Bridging DIP Form: Download Here
PL Bridging Individual App: Download Here

Commercial Loans

Mortgage Support Network has teamed-up with Positive Lending to provide a range of commercial mortgages with a variety of different business applications and is considered the best way to finance the purchase of buildings or land for business purposes. You can find more information on their commercial finance solutions below

Commercial Loans from Positive Lending

Our range of commercial mortgages can be used for a variety of different business applications. The most popular purpose is the purchase of a business premises, whether purchasing an existing business, or starting a new one. You can also acquire a business mortgage to expand an existing business. Both of these purposes are often referred to as 'own use' commercial mortgages.

If your clients are looking to make an investment into a commercial or residential venture or project, you can still acquire a business mortgage or loan secured against property or land. Business mortgages can also be used for commercial or residential property development projects.

The team at Positive Lending have been arranging commercial mortgages for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on our personalised service, to ensure that your client gets the mortgage they need, whatever the business purpose. With Positive Lending, you can:

  • Borrow up to 80% of the property value
  • Borrow from £25,000 to £50,000,000
  • Get an immediate decision in principle
  • Commercial and Semi Commercial
  • Short Term Leasehold
  • Purchase against bricks and mortar or goodwill value

Contact Positive Lending for a personalised service and over 20 years of commercial mortgage service.

PL Commercial Mortgage Enquiry Form: Download Here
PL Commercial Mortgage App: Download Here

Second Charge Loans

Mortgage Support Network has teamed up with specialist Second Charge Broker – The Loans Engine

How is The Loans Engine different?

The Loans Engine (TLE) has slashed customer costs, for Second Charge borrowing.

  • Instead of a Master Broker fee, The Loans Engine charge an application fee of only £295.

  • The customer pays for any valuation costs on their application, but almost half of all deals go through on a free desk-top valuation
  • When a valuation is required, the average valuation cost is £350, for a £500k property (based on 2017 data)

  • Finally, you tell TLE how much you would like to earn from the deal, and they collect this at completion from the client, or add it to the loan. 

So, this model gives you control of your client’s second charge costs. Through 2017, most customers paid only around £1,000 in fees, rather than the many thousands of pounds they would pay to a broker operating the traditional second charge Master Broker Fee model.

More About The Loans Engine

  • Whole of Market – TLE always search out the cheapest deal
  • Best rate and low fee, means TLE customers typically pay 1% less in APRC than competitors
  • Easy to use
    • You can call TLE on 0800 032 9595 (or 01923 280095),
    • Or simply email 
  • 28 years of trading experience, in second charge and unsecured loans
  • Based in Watford – 50 highly skilled staff
  • Residential second charge rates from 3.73%, BTL second charge rates from 4.49%
  • Second charge works great for clients who are:
    • On low rate lifetime tracker/interest only deals
    • Recently self-employed or with variable income
    • PAYE in probationary period
    • Credit impaired (Defaults, CCJs, Arrears, Debt Management, IVA)
    • In fact, it’s worth calling TLE regarding any client where remortgage doesn’t work.

The Loans Engine – Best Service, Cheapest Rates, Lowest Fees – Great Customer Outcomes!

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